Reasons Passports Are DeniedReasons Passports Are Denied


Us-Government-Passport-Office      If you’re thinking of traveling to US, you will need to apply for passport. Your reason for traveling can be different such as education, job, trip, etc; but without a valid passport, you can not enter the US or any other country. Or if you’re a US citizen and want to go to other foreign countries, then also you’ll need passport. More..


Reasons Passports Are Denied


Different countries have their unique reasons to reject a passport depending on their state of conditions. While it is not possible to discuss them all; but, let’s discuss some common reasons because of which passports are denied in different countries.

Usually, the passport agency denies the passport when a person fills any incorrect information in its passport forms. The second major reason for denial of passport takes place when the applicants don’t submit the required materials or don’t submit legal or correct materials to the passport agency. Hence, the passport agency rejects such applications of passports unless they are shown the required original documents.

The passport may also be denied in cases where the applicant has a huge amount of debt on him to be cleared. Only after all the debts are cleared, the applicant can re-apply for a passport. In some cases, even after clearing all the debts, it may take around five to six weeks before one can apply for a passport; this may happen in cases where the passport agency is not yet satisfied about the clear status of the applicant.

Also, in cases where the applicant has an existing criminal case and has chances of future imprisonment may not get the passport for traveling abroad. The applicant will have to show a cleared status from the court of law to get the passport. The other condition under which the applicants are denied of a passport is if they have some mental case history associated with them.

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Reasons Passports Are Denied

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