4wd Self Drive Tours In South Africa4WD Self Drive Tours In South Africa


Africa-Luxury-Vacations            Africa is not only about off road traveling or dirt bike travel on the gravel roads. You can also plan Africa luxury vacations, especially in South Africa. Finding a luxury accommodation here is quite easy and this place offer top of the line amenities for the tourists. There are several travel agencies which offer excellent Africa luxury vacations deals for the tourists. They arrange for everything, right from luxury accommodations such as beach resorts, safari lodges, boutique hotels, games lodges to desert lodges. You can spend your holiday in style and comfort. Not only luxury accommodations, but also luxury tours are offered for the tourists. More..


4WD Self Drive Tours In South Africa


      Do you love adventurous tours and safaris through the wilderness? If it is so, planning a trip to South Africa is the perfect thing you have done and taking advantage of the 4WD self drive tours in South Africa is the best choice that could ever be made. The 4WD self drive tours in South Africa are unique in their own ways. The travel and tour companies providing the 4WD self drive facilities promise a one of a kind experience for the travelers.

      The term 4WD is derived from Four Wheel Drive Tour offered by various travel agencies in South Africa. An African Safari becomes more fun when you take 4WD self drive tours in South Africa. The 4WD self drive tours in South Africa are extremely cost-effective and thrilling. They will help you to visit some of the most popular game reserves in South Africa like the Bontebok National Park, Karoo National Park, Lake Sibaya, Lion Park and Vaalkop Dam Reserve. These are mostly accessible by the 4WD vehicles because of their graveled path.

There are different types of vehicles available on hire for the tourists. You can select from among a wide range of vehicles like Toyota Hilux Fortuner 3.0TDI wagon, Land Rover Defender TDS, Land Rover Discovery III, Toyota Hilux Dc and many more. These travel agencies also provide basic training if it is required and also provide assistance on the road. They will also help you with the itineraries. These vehicles contain all kinds of facilities for the safety and comfort of the tourists. Some of the customized facilities include fuel reservoirs for long drive, back locks and double battery systems. 4WD Self Drive Tours in South Africa are designed to satiate the hunger for adventure in the tourists.

Camping facilities are also provided with some of the vehicles if you show adequate interest. Bedding, dining and cooking facilities are provided by the agencies for people who wish to camp. In addition, music players and canopy are also provided for the riders. Come and experience for yourself the exciting 4WD self drive tours in South Africa.

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4wd Self Drive Tours In South Africa

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