Top 10 Things To Do In Ethiopia For A Lifetime Of Memories10 Things To Do In Ethiopia For A Lifetime Of Memories

Top 10 Things To Do In Ethiopia For A Lifetime Of Memories

What-Is-The-Capital-Of-Ethiopia-And-The-Best-Sites-To-Visit      If you want to get a taste of the highest capital city in the world, you ought to visit Addis Ababa, the capital of the African country of Ethiopia and the seat of the headquarters of the African Union and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa. Situated at an altitude of about 2400 meters above sea level at the foothills of the Entoto Mountain Range in Ethiopia, this capital city embraces a number of sites of interest which attracts tourists from various parts of the world. One gets bewildered and at the same time elated at the numerous alluring sites that the capital of Ethiopia houses, starting from the majestic edifices like Ethiopian National Museum and Africa Hall to glorious cathedrals such as the Medhane Alem and St. George$'s Cathedral. More..


Top 10 Things To Do In Ethiopia For A Lifetime Of Memories


The enigmatic land of Ethiopia, with its vibrant aura, colorful people, glorious tradition cabalistic spiritualism and wild, untamable natural beauty, welcomes all with open arms to get overwhelmed in its variety and go back with a lifetime of memories in your basket. Once you step into this scintillating country of Africa, you will be awestruck to see the myriad things to do and variety of places to visit. Here are 10 things you can do in Ethiopia to take back home a lifetime of memories.

  • Visit Addis Ababa:Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia, abounds in places to visit and things that one can indulge in. Be it the famous National Museum, housing the $"Lucy$" skeleton, the colossal monuments or the shopper$'s paradise at Merkato, all allure visitors to have a day of fun, frolic and adventure.
  • Get a taste of adventure:Talking of adventure, if you want to venture into the oblivion and drink life to the lees like Tennysonís Ulysses, the second place to visit is the Southern Ethiopian Safari. Here, the Omo River and Basin, the lakes of the Rift Valley, brightly hued birds and the psychedelic cultures are simply unforgettable memories to be cherished for lifetime.
  • Visit Harar:The romantic, idyllic city of Harar of Ethiopia is no less majestic and enticing with the various things to do and places to visit - behold the small two-storey houses, walk through the clean narrow streets, drown in the mind blowing aroma of piquant spices and shop at the Gidir Magala, the Muslim market.
  • Go back to the past:If you want to relive the glorious past of Ethiopia, visiting the Aksumite monuments at the Northern Stalae Park and tombs are must things to do for a lifetime of memories.
  • Meet the locals:Meeting the south Ethiopia tribes with their simple, yet vibrant lifestyle is yet another of the 10 things you should not miss out on.
  • Visit the churches and monasteries:The rock-hewn monolithic churches and the ancient palaces and monasteries at the Fasil Ghebbi are the other sites to visit.
  • Visit the city of Djibouti:This city in East Ethiopia is no less fascinating with its modern outlook and busy life.
  • Trekking:One of the must dos in Ethiopia for returning home with a lifetime of memories is trekking along the rugged Simien Mountains and feeling the cool breeze along Lake Tana, the source of the Blue Nile.
  • Wildlife Encounter:Animal enthusiasts can have a gala time in North Ethiopia spotting a plethora of wild animals like the Gelada Baboons, the Walia Ibex, Ethiopian Wolves and Spotted Hyenas.
  • Visit the Danakil Depression:Bask and frizzle under the hot sun and bring home a lifetime of memories at this lowest point of Africa at 116 meters below sea level with a mean temperature recording around 35 degrees Celsius.

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Top 10 Things To Do In Ethiopia For A Lifetime Of Memories

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