Northern Tanzania Wildlife SafariNorthern Tanzania Wildlife Safari


What-Climate-Regions-Are-In-Tanzania      Tanzania is located in central East Africa and close to the equator. It has a tropical climate which does not vary much in the different seasons of the year. However, as the country has a varying topography, the climate in the different regions is largely dictated by the topography. For example, the weather in the highlands and near Mount Kilimanjaro is relatively colder than the rest of the regions. The summers fall between the months of November and February and the winters fall between the months of May and August. The country has two major rainfall seasons. One comes between December and April and the other between October and December. More..


Northern Tanzania Wildlife Safari


Tanzania has many wildlife reserves and sanctuaries dotted across the whole country. Among these, the northern region of the country offers the most beautiful and bountiful ones. Some of the famous national parks which offer amazing wildlife safari are Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area and Tarangire National Park. Given below are some main attractions each of these famous safari destinations has to offer.

Serengeti National Park is located in the north western region of Tanzania and offers safari to witness the most spectacular migration of wild animals in the world. In the mass migration during October every year, more than a million wildebeests cross the Mara River to the southern plains in pursuit of rains and then return to the northern hills during April. This has been named as one of the top ten Natural Travel Wonders of the World. The wild animals that you can see in your safari to Serengeti are gazelles, buffalos, zebras and blue wildebeests. Apart from these, you will see more than 70 other species of mammals and 500 avifauna species.

The Ngorongoro Conservation Area is a UNESCO world heritage site located in the northern regions of Tanzania. The area is bordering the famous Serengeti National Park and home to the famous Ngorongoro crater. In your safari in this amazing national reserve, you can see dense lion population, leopards, elephants, buffalo and reed buck. Other large mammals include large ungulates, black rhinoceros, hippopotamus, zebra, wildebeests and cheetahs.

The Tarangire National Park is one of the largest wild life reserves in Tanzania located in the northern fringes of the region. The Tarangire River flows through the park and the safaris through the park offers spectacular viewing of many large mammals like wild elephant herds as well as African Pythons. This park is relatively less crowded than the popular neighboring Serengeti and preferred by many tourists.

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Northern Tanzania Wildlife Safari

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