Tanzania Domestic FlightsTanzania Domestic Flights


Tanzania-Greystoke-Safari-Camp      The Greystoke Safari Camp is located in the exotic location of Mahale Mountains in Tanzania. The soaring mountains, 8000 feet over Lake Tanganyika form the beautiful backdrop and the visitors to the camp are often enthralled by the picture postcard tropical forests, the placid cool waters of beautiful lake and the diverse ecosystems of the region, unparalleled in the world. Though the region is home to many exotic species of flora and fauna, it is best known as one of the largest reserves of wild chimpanzees in the world. The accommodation in the Greystroke Safari camp is arranged in 6 luxury tents. More..


Tanzania Domestic Flights


Tanzania is one of the most exciting wildlife destinations on Earth. With its diverse range of fauna in their natural habitats, it is an alluring destination for both wildlife enthusiasts and leisure travelers. This natural diversity combined with its wild and exotic charm, has made tourism one of the biggest industries in Tanzania. As with any nation willing to promote tourism, the government of Tanzania has invested in its travel infrastructure to ensure that travel into, out of, and within the country is both easy and affordable.

Once you get into Tanzania, the preferred mode of transport is by road. However air travel is fast catching up as a preferred mode of domestic travel especially among tourists who are on a tight schedule. The main hub of transport within Tanzania is Dar-es-salam, the capital of the country. There are regular and reliable services from Dar-es-salam to Kilimanjaro airport, Arusha, Zanzibar, Mwasha, and Kigoma. Tickets for domestic travels can be booked in advance online on major travel networks and on the websites of the airlines.

The major airlines in Tanzania are Air Tanzania and Precision Air. In addition, there are numerous small-time operators that become active during the peak travel seasons. There are more than a hundred unpaved airstrips in Tanzania served by these. The most popular carriers have a capacity of less than 50. Expect to travel in a Bombardier or an ATR turboprop. Though the operators are not well known, flying is still the safest mode of travel in Tanzania.

A word of advice to travelers be ready for flexible timelines for domestic travel. Even though air travel is safe and reliable, be prepared for delays in schedules. Some flights have been known to be held up for up to two hours just to accommodate a couple of extra passengers. Timelines in Africa usually stretches to accommodate the laid-back lifestyle.

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Tanzania Domestic Flights

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