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Tanzania Quick Facts:
Tanzania Flag

Time: GMT/UTC +3
Population: 41,892,895
Borders: Indian Ocean, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Mozambique, Zambia, Malawi, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Seasons:  Cool, dry (April to October), warm, wet (November to March)
Telephone: Country code - 255
Budget: Unavailable
Capital: Dar es Salaam
Visa: $120 USD for single and double entry, 90 day maximum stay.
Languages: Official language: Kiswahili or Swahili, English; Other language: Kiunguja (name for Swahili in Zanzibar), Arabic, and many other local vernaculars
Area: 947,300 sq km
Travel Warning: U.S. Department of State - Bureau of Consular Affairs - Current Travel Warnings



More About Tanzania:

Tanzania Domestic Flights
Tanzania Domestic Flights

Tanzania is one of the most exciting wildlife destinations on Earth. With its diverse range of fauna in their natural habitats, it is an alluring destination for both wildlife enthusiasts and leisure travelers. This natural diversity combined with its wild and exotic charm, has made tourism one of the biggest industries in Tanzania. As with any nation willing to promote tourism, the government of Tanzania has invested in its travel infrastructure to ensure that travel into, out of, and within the country is both easy and affordable. More...

Climate Change Tanzania
Climate Change Tanzania

Tanzania is known for its rich and diverse wildlife. The many wildlife reserves and national parks are home to millions of exotic wild animals and birds which are found in no other continent of our planet. The healthy survival of these animals is dependent on the delicate ecological balance which if disturbed has the potential to create major havoc in the survival of the rare wildlife of the region. More...

Tanzania Safari Cost
Tanzania Safari Cost

Tanzania is home to many national parks like the world famous Serengeti, Mikumi and Tarangire. These beautiful national parks have diverse ecosystems with rich and exotic species of plant and animal life which attract millions of travelers from around the world. The visitors to the parks enjoy stays within the parks and breathtaking safaris to see the magnificent wildlife within. The cost of the safaris varies depending on the packages, hotel stays, and parks visited. More...

Tanzania Travel Vaccination
Tanzania Travel Vaccination

While planning your travel to Tanzania, you need to take certain precautions. It is strongly recommended that you visit a health physician 4 6 weeks in advance to take certain vaccine for prevention of certain diseases. These vaccinations will help your body to build immunization against certain diseases like malaria, which are commonplace in Tanzania. Some of the vaccinations that your doctor may recommend before your travel to Tanzania are Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Yellow Fever, Polio, Rabies, MMR, Tetanus and Diphtheria and Malaria. More...

Best Time To Travel In Tanzania
Best Time To Travel In Tanzania

Tanzania is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa. Home to many wild life reserves and national parks, tourists from all over the world come to Tanzania Located in central eastern Africa; the country has a tropical climate. July to February is the main season for travel to Tanzania. The climate is not only extremely agreeable, but you will witness annual migrations of great herds of wild beasts and zebras. This is the main tourist season of the region and millions of tourists visit Tanzania between these months. More...

Northern Tanzania Wildlife Safari
Northern Tanzania Wildlife Safari

Tanzania has many wildlife reserves and sanctuaries dotted across the whole country. Among these, the northern region of the country offers the most beautiful and bountiful ones. Some of the famous national parks which offer amazing wildlife safari are Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area and Tarangire National Park. Given below are some main attractions each of these famous safari destinations has to offer. More...


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