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Germany Facts For Kids            Germany is officially known as the Federal Republic of Germany. In German, the country is known as Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Germany is bordered in the north by the North Sea, Denmark and the Baltic Sea; in the east by Poland and Czech Republic; in the south by Austria and Switzerland; and in the west by France, Luxembourg, Belgium and Netherlands. More..


Germany Travel Information

        Germany is located in central part of Europe and this vast country stretches from the Alps in south to the North Sea in the north. It is bordered by Austria and Switzerland in the south; Poland and Czech Republic in the east; France, Luxembourg, Belgium and Netherlands in the west; and Denmark in the north.

        Germany has some of the largest cities in entire Europe and has a lot to offer travelers who are looking for a memorable experience.

         If you are interested in the great outdoor, then south of Germany is the place for you. This is the region where you will find a part of the Alps at the border of the country and two of Europe’s largest rivers -- the Rhine and Danube. In addition, you can visit the beautiful and scenic Black Forest.

         If you are a shop-aholic, then you will feel right at home in any of the big cities. It is a shopper’s paradise with weekly markets and special markets during festive season. Special Christmas markets usually are found in all towns and they start selling their wares by end of November.

         Traveling is not at all difficult and you can get from one part of Germany to the other using the railways. The railway system is very efficient and traveling on trains is quite a pleasure. Within the city, you can use the underground rail network and the service is so fast that you can reach any place within the city in no time at all.

         Autumn is the best time to visit Germany and this is the time when cultural fests are held. If you are a beer connoisseur, you should participate in the Oktoberfest held in Bavaria each year. It is worth the time and effort. During the fest, you can sample some of the best beers of Germany.

         Music fans will be delighted by the array of festivals held during the summer and autumn. You can also attend the special music festivals that showcase famous musicians. The Beethoven music festival is usually held in Bonn while Thuringia holds a music festival each year for Bach.

          Germany is home to over 2,000 museums and you can educate yourself on the rich culture, art and literature. In the second week of October, you can visit the largest book fair in the world and this fair is held each year in Frankfurt. The fair attracts many writers and publishers from all over the world.

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Germany Travel Information

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