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Tanzania Domestic Flights
Tanzania Domestic Flights

Tanzania is one of the most exciting wildlife destinations on Earth. With its diverse range of fauna in their natural habitats, it is an alluring destination for both wildlife enthusiasts and leisure travelers. This natural diversity combined with its wild and exotic charm, has made tourism one of the biggest industries in Tanzania. As with any nation willing to promote tourism, the government of Tanzania has invested in its travel infrastructure to ensure that travel into, out of, and within the country is both easy and affordable. More...

Climate Change Tanzania
Climate Change Tanzania

Tanzania is known for its rich and diverse wildlife. The many wildlife reserves and national parks are home to millions of exotic wild animals and birds which are found in no other continent of our planet. The healthy survival of these animals is dependent on the delicate ecological balance which if disturbed has the potential to create major havoc in the survival of the rare wildlife of the region. More...

Top 10 Things To Do In Ethiopia For A Lifetime Of Memories
Top 10 Things To Do In Ethiopia For A Lifetime Of Memories

The enigmatic land of Ethiopia, with its vibrant aura, colorful people, glorious tradition cabalistic spiritualism and wild, untamable natural beauty, welcomes all with open arms to get overwhelmed in its variety and go back with a lifetime of memories in your basket. Once you step into this scintillating country of Africa, you will be awestruck to see the myriad things to do and variety of places to visit. Here are 10 things you can do in Ethiopia to take back home a lifetime of memories. More...

Algeria Country Information
Algeria Country Information

Algeria was occupied by French rule for more than a century between 1830-1962. The modern day borders of Algeria were formed during the French colonization. This country was once sought after by tourists from all over abroad and domestic and could easily be categorized among other top African countries such as Morocco. More...

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How Many Sides Does An Egyptian Pyramid Have
How Many Sides Does An Egyptian Pyramid Have

This is not supposed to be a trick question. The traditional Egyptian pyramid has five sides to it. People often times forget the base of the pyramid being a side. The base is the foundation of which makes it possible for the pyramid to be built upwards. These pyramids were built as burial tombs for the pharaohs of the old and new kingdom. It would become the final resting spot for the human side of the pharaoh before he would ascend into the heavens as a god. More...

Japanese Zodiac Wheel
Japanese Zodiac Wheel

The Japanese Zodiac wheel is a system that uses 12 animal signs to represent each year. These animals are known as the Earthly Branches or Heavenly Stems, which was used by the Chinese as a numbering system from the Shang Dynasty (1600 BC - 1046 BC). Each animal has its unique set of qualities and depending on the year an individual is born in they are thought to possess those qualitites. The Japanese zodiac is based on the Chinese zodiac and linked to representing the personalities of an individual and used as a Chinese agricultural calendar by farmers during planting and harvesting.  More...

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