Ancient Egyptian FashionAncient Egyptian Fashion


Queen Cleopatra Of Egypt            Queen Cleopatra is one of the most famous characters in ancient Egypt known widely around the world. Considered as a symbol of elegance, style and beauty, Queen Cleopatra of Egypt is considered as the last Pharaoh of Egypt by historians. More..


Ancient Egyptian Fashion

       Apart from the Great Nile River running through the length of Egypt and several architectural monuments, the country is also known for its hot and horrid climate. This was an important factor that had predominantly influenced the lifestyle and fashion of people in Egypt during ancient times.

        Ancient Egyptian fashion was basically designed with the purpose of keeping comfortable in a hot climate.

Clothing: Costumes and clothes in ancient Egypt were made of linen that was derived from the flax plant. While men dressed in short linen kilts, women wore dresses known as straight caftan or shifts. In case of women, a long and transparent tunic known as kalasiris was worn on top of their shifts. The material from which kilts or shifts were made and the length of the fabric determined the social status of the person.

Footwear: Usage of footwear among ancient Egyptians was very uncommon. Most people did not even bother to wear shoes. Even if anybody had some interest, they used to wear leather sandals.

Jewelry: Jewelry was very common among people of ancient Egypt. Irrespective of the social status, every person wore some sort of jewelry during this period. Some of the popular ornaments during ancient Egyptian period included bracelets, anklets, rings, necklaces, earrings and armlets that were worn by both men and women. All these ornaments were made from gold. People also used majolica and glass for making jeweled necklaces, pendants, beads and bracelets. These were worn by wealthy individuals in the form of collars.

Hairstyles: The most prevalent hairstyle among ancient Egyptians was to keep the hair short. While young girls wore pigtails, boys used to completely shave their heads. Usage of wigs was very common during this period. Wigs were used as a means to derive protection from sun as well as for decoration. These wigs were available in several different colors.

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Ancient Egyptian Fashion

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