Why Pyramids Were BuiltWhy Pyramids Were Built


Ancient Egyptian Fashion            Apart from the Great Nile River running through the length of Egypt and several architectural monuments, the country is also known for its hot and horrid climate. This was an important factor that had predominantly influenced the lifestyle and fashion of people in Egypt during ancient times. More..


Why Pyramids Were Built ?


        A pyramid is a massive structure built as a tomb or grave to house the mortal remains of a ruler and his kin. The largest pyramid was built for the king while several smaller pyramids were placed around it for his queens.

       There are over ninety royal pyramids in Egypt which were built over a period of one thousand years, by the Egyptian rulers for themselves and their queens.

       The largest, oldest and the only undestroyed pyramid is the Great Pyramid of Giza, which was built by King Khufu during the Fourth Dynasty (2,575 - 2,465 BC). It is considered as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. This pyramid was built with almost 6.5 million tons of limestone blocks, and the height surpassed 450 feet.

       A pyramid is built using huge blocks of stones and coated with limestone. The base is in the form of a square, which slopes upwards in a triangular shape from all the four directions to meet at a single point at the top.

       According to the common perception, the pyramids were built because the Egyptians believed in life after death. According to this common belief, kings are like Gods (or they are close to Gods) and must, therefore, receive all amenities and comforts for their next life. So, the dead kings and their queens were buried along with food, costly jewels and other useful things to carry along with them for their next life, following the one that they lived on Earth.

        When a king (pharaoh) or his queens would die, their bodies would be mummified by embalming with preservatives and wrapped tightly and placed inside a golden coffin. The coffin would also be filled with costly jewels, food and gold. It would then be hidden in the pyramid to preserve their soul for eternity.

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Why Pyramids Were Built

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