Queen Cleopatra Of EgyptQueen Cleopatra Of Egypt


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Queen Cleopatra Of Egypt


           Queen Cleopatra is one of the most famous characters in ancient Egypt known widely around the world. Considered as a symbol of elegance, style and beauty, Queen Cleopatra of Egypt is considered as the last Pharaoh of Egypt by historians.

           Cleopatra was born in Alexandria in January 69 BC during the reign of King Ptolemy VII and was the daughter of Ptolemy XII.

          Queen Cleopatra, also known as Cleopatra VII Thea Philopator, ascended the throne of Egypt in March 51 BC. Originally, she shared power with her father King Ptolemy XII. After the death of Ptolemy XII, she shared power with her younger brother and husband Ptolemy XIII. During this period, Egypt was suffering from economic difficulties, famine and political conflicts.

          Cleopatra did not like the idea of sharing power with her brother. Going against the Ptolemic traditions, Cleopatra tried to become a sole ruler of Egypt. As a result, she had to flee Egypt leaving the throne to her brother.

          The most defining part of Queen Cleopatra’s life is her love and liaison with Roman Emperors Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony. As a result of her adulterous association, Cleopatra became the supreme ruler of Egypt and had four children. Ceasarion was born as a result of her relationship with Julius Caesar. Cleopatra Selene II, Alexander Helios and Ptolemy Philadelphus were born as a result of her alliance with Mark Anthony.

          Even the death of Queen Cleopatra was a tragic and disgraceful event involving a good amount of action and drama. After Marc Anthony lost the Battle of Actium in the hands of Octavian, he along with Cleopatra fled to Egypt. However, Marc Anthony committed suicide when he learnt that Octavian led forces had taken control of Egypt. Cleopatra was captured and kept in captivity. Cleopatra died on November 30 in 30 BC due to a self-inflicted snake bite from an Egyptian Cobra that was smuggled into her room in a basket of figs.

          As per the recording made by ancient historians, Queen Cleopatra was a murdering adulterous seductress who conspired the death of own family, countrymen and even the powerful Romans.

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Queen Cleopatra Of Egypt

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