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Australia Favorite Foods


      If you are a hard core gourmand, wondering whether you can pamper yourself with savory delicacies in Australia, or have to be contented with bland food, as the history goes, the renaissance in the continentís gourmet genre has brought about a transforming change. Australia, the cryptic land of Kangaroos and Koalas was, for a considerable period well-known for its monotonous favorite food diet of baked meat pies or sausages, not to forget the infamous Vegemite, which was often a strict no-no for food lovers and immigrants. But a sea change occurred and Australia's favorite foods came up with a new meaning and creativity altogether.

      Today, restaurants and taverns in Australia are highly influenced by the Mediterranean or Asian delights - spicy, scintillating and epicurean. However, a visit to a native Australianís kitchen would reveal the typical indigenous savors, which had been carried down as a legacy for generations on end. To commence with the breakfast, the favorite foods consumed by a regular Australian would have great semblance with the British-toast and fruit-light, yet fulfilling. If they want to gorge on a sumptuous breakfast, the regular dishes are combined with bacon, meat sausages or eggs and porridge. A dinner is always more lavish and profuse, enjoyed in the company of family members, comprising the all time Australian favorite foods such as juicy meat roasts, pizza, meat steaks, vegetables, soup and tossed fries.

However, when it comes to Australia's favorite foods, one cannot afford to miss out on the Vegemite, a pure Australian delight and often referred to as the iconic dish of the continent. Extremely insipid and unseasoned in taste, this concoction of vegetables and yeast extract is nevertheless, a hot favorite of the natives. The immense popularity that this otherwise bland gourmet has acquired is largely due to its high nutritional content. Being essentially a yeast extract, the Vegemite is rich in Vitamin B and thus Australians simply dote on this. Finally, given Australia's climate, barbecued meat again finds a prominent place in Australia's favorite foods, along with other esoteric delicacies like Macadamia nuts, fairy breads, Violet Crumble and the Chiko Roll.

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Australia Favorite Foods

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