Wildlife Watching In AustraliaWildlife Watching In Australia


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Wildlife Watching In Australia


      What can be more exciting and intriguing for an animal lover than to be amidst wilderness and take a peek at the animal terrain at their moments of communion with nature? Welcome to Australia - the land of Kangaroos and Koalas, resplendent with the stunning hues of millions of birds and animals, in their carefree surroundings - a Paradise on Earth. The dazzling variety of flora and fauna of this place is simply incredible and a true delight to the eyes. Nobody can evade its irresistible beauty and the continent is sure to attract every visitor to an enthralling wildlife watching.

      On your trip to Australia, there will be no dearth of wildlife tours and excursion packages to opt from and embark on your journey to face the wilderness. The radiant rainforests, the shimmering savannahs, the luscious highlands, sprawling wetlands beckon you to their arms, to observe the magical symmetry that exists amidst the mysterious call of the wild, enveloping the whole atmosphere of the forests. You would definitely want to begin your endeavor with a glimpse at the famous kangaroos with their joeys peeping out of their mother’s safe pouches. The Kangaroo tours through the Kangaroo Islands and Tropical North Queensland, with a medley of various species of kangaroos like the Wallaroo, Agile, Whiptail, Swamp Wallabies, will leave an indelible impression of wildlife watching on your mind.

You cannot miss out on the scintillating array of avian delight in Australia. A number of bird tours such as the Tropical Bird Watching, Wetlands and Waterbirds Tours among others will bring you face to face with ravishing birds like the Victoria’s Riflebird, Golden Bowerbird, the scarlet King Parrot, the Azure Kingfisher, Red-backed Fairywren a gorgeous sight to behold.

Whether you want to stare with awe at the brightly hued butterflies or sneak at the platypus in water or desire to fondle a baby koala, the conglomeration of National Parks and Sanctuaries in Australia will fulfill all your wishes. So roam about the Hervey Bay, Montague Island, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, Kakadu National Park to undergo an experience of a lifetime in wildlife watching and delve deep into the hinterlands.

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Wildlife Watching In Australia

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