What Is The Highest Point In AustraliaWhat Is The Highest Point In Australia


What-Is-The-Tallest-Tower-In-Australia            Australia's cityscapes are thronged with skyscrapers and colossal towers that loom large amidst the beautiful cities and plush surroundings, enhancing their beauty. In fact, the superabundance of such skyscrapers raises the obvious question - what is the tallest tower in Australia. The highest among them all is definitely the Q1 Tower in the magnificent Queensland Gold Coast. Standing firm at an elevation of 522.5 meters, this superstructure situated at the Surfer's Paradise, is indeed a paradise in itself - a heavenly experience. More..


What Is The Highest Point In Australia


      The island country and continent of Australia lacks mountains of considerable heights, deep valleys and gorges or large rivers. The continent can be broadly segregated under four physical divisions - the Western Plateau, the Eastern Highlands, the Central Lowlands and Coastal Plains. The land which hardly portrays any physiology of high altitude raises the obvious question of what is the highest point in Australia and what is the maximum height this mystifying land can rise up to?

      The highest point in Australia is the Mount Kosciuszko, located on the Australian Alps or the Snowy Mountains in the Eastern Highlands and rising up to an elevation of approximately 2234 meters. Named in honor of Tadeusz Kosciuszko, a famous General of Poland, the mountain was first spelt without the letter "z" ,which meant “Kosciusko”, but was consequently altered to and adopted as Kosciuszko in 1997.

If you want to scale the highest point, it is not a perilous task, considering the moderate altitude and gentle slopes of the peak. Moreover, the path from the Charlotte Road escalating to the summit is a quite convenient walkway and can also be traversed by means of bicycle till the Rawson’s Pass, after which the road has been restricted only for walking. The snow-capped mountain peak during the winter months is indeed a majestic sight to contemplate and offers a perfect skiing destination for adventure enthusiasts. In fact, the region encompassing Mount. Kosciuszko, the highest point of Australia, is claimed to be the snowiest part of the otherwise warm Australian terrain.

A fascinating fact about this highest point is its specific location amidst the Kosciuszko National Park of Australia, which again is the largest one of the country. Due to the influence of the National Park, the biosphere of Mount Kosciuszko has also been adorned by rare varieties of alpine plants. The stunning and gripping views from the zenith of the highest point of Australia, surrounded by shimmering white snow all around, truly leaves a lasting impression on the mind.

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What Is The Highest Point In Australia

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